My essay about Annie Lanzillotto’s work, "Live from the Nebulizer: Annie Lanzillotto and Eviction Survival," appears in Lateral 4 (2015), edited by Stefanie A. Jones and Eero Laine.

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“Lanzillotto stands among an ever-widening cohort of artists who enact resistance to these dominant city trends, through coalitions, new work, and the promotion of their experiences within these developments. Musician David Byrne’s 2013 article in the Guardian threatened self-deportation from New York City due to the characteristics of its new Gilded Age, in which the middle-class are excluded along with “emerging artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, journalists and small business people. Queer performers from Taylor Mac to Penny Arcade to Split Britches have all devised works that mourn a livable New York and protest a fortress culture that functions more expertly as a global business hub than it does as a space of potential for creative interaction and collaboration, for artistic survival and sustainability.”

Photos: Andrew Perret (thumbnail); Marlène Ramírez-Cancio (above)